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tortillas2When I first arrived in Mexico, I didn’t get tortillas. It’s not that I wasn’t served tortillas; they were presented to me at every meal. It’s that I didn’t grasp the concept of why eating tortillas was a good thing to do! Especially when there was so much delicious bread in the world!

So I would just pick up a fork, and leave my tortillas by the wayside, untouched. Who wants to eat floppy wet napkins? Slowly I realized the subtle delicious genius of tortillas. And I have since come to love them!

making-tortillas2It’s fair to say you have not eaten really tasty tortillas, until you have had some that where handmade by Abuelas (Grandmas) with love! Cooked and heated on an open fire, heaven.

First of all corn tortillas are much better than wheat, and they absolutely must be heated on an open fire. You can place them directly on hot coals, just give them a whack to knock off the excess ash, and get ready for a delicious taste sensation. Since I’ve been eating them, my digestion has really improved. Now I savor my tortillas and I never use forks and knives!!!

Tortillas are economical, you can stretch out your meal with them. They are organic, with just 3 ingredients; masa flour, water and salt. They cut down on dish washing as you don’t need utensils if you eat your food with tortillas!! But most of all, they are warm chewy and delicious! Like dressing your food up in a tasty little coat!

Buen provecho!

Love, Jennifer