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Meet Jennifer

Hello Dear One, its so nice to meet you!!!
Who am i, you ask?
Hmmm… good question!! Who am I?

Well I am just an Awakening soul who loves to live a spiritually rich life, full of fun and adventures, and who wants to share it all with YOU!!!

Oh, did someone tell you that Sacredness and Spirituality is synonymous with poverty and sacrifice?
Do I think living life on a spiritual path mean saying good bye to fun and glamour, the good life and Abundance ??
Heck NO!!!

I live for joy and good times!! Singing, dancing, great food, Nature, beautiful places and most of all, snuggles!!
All of these stir my Heart!!

Growing up a native New Yorker, I had the privledge of learning Painting, Drawing, Fashion Design and Singing from teachers and mentors in what some call the world’s greatest city.

After burning out of the fast paced world of Fashion, as a Shoe Designer in NYC, I decided to dedicate my life to traveling to the most beautiful places in the world, gathering spiritual knowledge and Sensuous experiences to translate into gifts to share with YOU!!!

Life has taught me that the best thing in life is sharing experiences together with other open hearts!! So come, join us on a unique Experiencial Retreat, filled with soothing Sound Healing Techniques, transcendent Joyspa Ceremonial Gatherings and Delicious Adventures exploring the hypnotic beauty of Tulum, Mexico.