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Soul Song Healing

Would you like to learn about this special healing technique?

My life’s mission is to heal others through Song, this is my gift to the world, my legacy; to heal the disconnection people have from their joy, their Soul’s true purpose.

I Developed TVT Transcendental Vocal Technique as a means to bring Souls back into alignment with Universal Source Energy.
I combined all my God given Gifts and Talents, with the Knowledge accrued from this and many lifetimes to Awaken Souls to their Divine Truth
It is my intention to raise the Consciousness, Awareness and Frequency of all who experience this Healing Technique!

Soul Song Healing brings us back into alignment with our true Soul Blueprint, this is Soul Reconnection through Song. Harness the power of Intention and connect with your higher Self to Awaken Your Genius, Discover your Power and Step into the Flow of Abundance in the here and now

A Call to Action for people who are open to inviting abundance into their lives and enjoy working with energy fields. By releasing our Blocks and Limiting Beliefs, We open doorways for abundance and recieve new possibilities through any and all paths we encounter in our lives.
Working with the Universal energy, I aim to Raise Consciousness, Awareness, Frequency and Empower Souls to recognize and embody their Inner strength.

Imagine taking quantum leaps in your personal Perception and your World View as well as in your Health, Wealth & Awakening!

Benefits of a Soul Song Sound Vibration Healing Session:

•Deep Relaxation
•Release of Stress/Tension
•Relieves body-ache/pains or discomfort
•Enter a state of Meditation
•Relief of Mental Distress Re-balance your Universal Life Force Energy in a safe and comfortable relaxing environment.

When i came to see Jennifer she asked me what my intention was for the healing session. I said I wanted clarity about my path, and to feel unblocked, because my energy felt blocked. Once she began, I felt my body relaxing right away. I began to feel my energy start to move. I felt my energy blockages dissolving, All thru the session, I felt her words integrating into my energy field and I when it was over, I felt refreshed. When I first opened my eyes afterwards, the air looked clear & bright, as if i could see with more clarity! It felt really good and I would absolutely do it again!! Farah

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